What are the Factors Affecting Success in IVF Treatments?


When the topic is IVF, the most asked question by families is the success rate and knowing this rate is very important. However it is not possible to talk about a certain success rate in IVF treatments, but the factors can affect the success can be discussed.

Generally these factors are;

  • Age

Age is a factor, which especially affects fertility in women. Younger women have a higher rate of success in IVF treatment. Older women and women who have diminished ovarian reserves may have a lower success rate. Success rate of IVF treatments are divided between age groups and are approximately the following; below 30 years %60, up to 35 years %40, over 40 years is %20-25.

  • Previous Pregnancies

If you were pregnant previously, your chance for IVF success is better. However, a history of recurrent miscarriage may reduce the chances of IVF success.

  • Problems Causing Infertility

Since factors causing infertility in women and men may differ, knowing the cause and the choosing proper infertility treatment are very important for the success rate. The likelihood of success with IVF decreases with the amount of time a couple has been infertile.

  • Life Style

Another factor is your habits and how you live your daily life. Whether you are smoker, alcohol drinker and factors like stress levels, eating habits and exercise habits may affect your success rate directly. Also you may check the blog post titled  “The Factors affecting Infertility” for the factors affecting fertility.

  • Chosen Clinic and Specialist

Lastly, to choose the infertility clinic is a very important factor in IVF treatment in Turkey. The expertise of doctors and embryologists, their knowledge and educations, High- Tech technologies used in treatments, professional attitudes of doctors towards their patients and their success rates must be considered before choosing a clinic.

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Reference: Templeton, A., Morris, J. K., & Parslow, W. (1996). Factors that affect outcome of in-vitro fertilisation treatment. The Lancet348(9039), 1402-1406.

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