Ways to Cope with Stress Caused by the Coronavirus Covid-19 Outbreak and Infertility


Due to the Covid-19 outbreak, which is spreading nationwide, the services provided at IVF clinics are temporarily unavailable in order to apply the necessary social distancing rules and to prevent the possible risk of infection during pregnancy.

Due to the temporary unavailability, especially women and families who are considering having a child with IVF treatments in Turkey and infertility treatments fear that they have lost their chance of having a child because of the coronavirus pandemic. However, the facts reveal that this concern is unfounded. Because, even if you are over 35 years old and have low egg reserves, there is no evidence showing that postponing a fertility treatment for a couple of months will have a negative effect on having children.

Here are our tips on how to relax and get rid of the thoughts that cause anxiety and stress during this pandemic:

  • Take care of yourself

Even though it may seem simple, it is very common to pay less attention to personal care during periods of stress. Therefore, try to do the best for yourself and make sure you are eating properly, getting enough sleep, and taking time to relax. By doing so, don’t only reduce your stress levels but you also optimize your natural fertility and prepare yourself for pregnancy.

  • Social media and news detox

It is important to stay away from news, like the pandemic, that causes unease throughout the country. Getting more information on topics like these may cause your stress levels and anxiety to rise.

  • Be open getting support

If the current situation is too much for you, do not force yourself to handle it alone. Be open to discussing your feelings with your spouse, loved ones and friends. Consider meeting with a therapist if necessary.

  • Contact with your fertility specialist

Share your concerns about your current state with your doctor. After assessing the situation, your doctor may give you some medical advice and start some pretreatments.

Reference: Boivin, J., Harrison, C., Mathur, R., Burns, G., Pericleous-Smith, A., & Gameiro, S. (2020). Patient experiences of fertility clinic closure during the COVID-19 pandemic: appraisals, coping and emotions. Human reproduction35(11), 2556-2566.

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