“Dr. Aygün has performed more than 14.000 egg retrieval in the last 9 years: an almost unattainable feat.’
“Patient happiness represents the real success rate.”

Dr. Melih Aygün has been working as an infertility specialist, and obstetrician & gynaecologist for more than 24 years. After obtaining medical degree in Turkey and doing his residency in Obstetrics and Gynaecology, he continued his studies in the Department of Gynecological Endocrinology and Reproductive Medicine of the University of Vienna, where he had the opportunity to combine different disciplines together and gain significant international experience. He holds a board certification for assisted reproductive technologies and treatments, and his professional experience comprises working in reputable IVF centers in Turkey. He is renowned for promoting a gentler approach to fertility, offering couples the best chance of success while helping reduce the emotional and physical burden associated with infertility treatments. His methodology includes both low-tech and more progressive technology processes.

He professes an honest, ethical approach and ensures his patients have realistic expectations from the onset of the treatment.

Today, he combines his expertise with that of his brother, Mehmet Aygün, a perinatology specialist. Both of them work at the Erasmus Fertility and Women’s Reproductive Health Center, which they established in 2005. Using state-of-the-art technologies, He guides his patients through the entire process, from preconception until delivery.

Dr. Melih Aygün is married and has three children.

He speaks German and English.

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Message from Dr. Aygün
“I feel incredibly grateful to be a part of so many couples’ journey into begetting their own children.”




Intend to re-awake egg maturation and development within the ovary in order to achieve pregnancy in women with Premature Ovarian Insufficiency (POI).


  • Modified Ovarian injury
  • Foods&Supplements


Genetic testing of embryos can increase chances for having a successful pregnancy without a specific genetic condition or chromosomal abnormality.

  • PGT-A for aneuploidy
  • PGT-M for single gene disorders
  • NGS (Next-Generation Sequencing)


Blastocyst stage embryos (day 5) have better implantation rates:
better embryo–endometrium synchrony
Identifying embryos with development potential.


Frozen Embryo transfer has high pregnancy rates with less potential complications in comparison to fresh embryo transfer.


Continuous monitoring of embryo development from day 1 to day 5 helps to select the best embryo.


Observation of spermatozoa by High-magnification microscope:
Selection of the better quality sperms improve the pregnancy rates and lower the miscarriage rates.


It is the revolutionary male infertility treatment. On the experienced hands, it yields the highest sperm retrieval rates in non-obstructive azospermia (NOA).

SPERM Chip (Micro Chip)

This new method probably allows natural sperm selection and the better DNA quality sperm for IVF/ICSI.

“Everything you can imagine is real.”

Pablo Picasso

Top IVF Doctor in Turkey, Because Most Trustable One


“Feeling comfortable with your treatment and hopeful about the future is our mission”

Not all patients will need IVF services.

State-of-the-art facilities

Creating bespoke treatment plans and responding to individual patient or couple needs.

Providing an environment where you can feel confident asking questions, expressing concerns, and openly discussing procedures.

Avoiding a “production line” feel in any infertility center.

Maximizing your chances of having a healthy baby while minimizing the stress.

Knowing your care will be directed by Dr. Melih Aygun from beginning to end.


“Real success rate is happy patients”.

Reasons of our success:

All of the examinations are performed only by one specialist.

Committed to treating in compassionate manner

Involving state-of- art technology and procedures

Long experience and wide knowledge


“Over 13.000 egg retrieval procedures during IVF treatments in the last 7 years;

an almost unattainable experience.”

Board certificated specialist for IVF treatments and 23. years experience of ART.

National work experience in most successful ivf centers

Internatianal work and fellowship experience speaking English and German

A part of more than 5000 babies have been born through fertility treatments
Over 13.000 egg retriveal procedures during IVF treatments in last 7 years

Developed high expertise in the successful egg retrieval procedure with the lowest complication rates in IVF

“Miracles comes through in this city throughout the history’’

O. Pamuk, Istanbul