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Can I sleep on side after IVF?

Success following an IVF embryo transfer solely relies on the implantation potential of the embryos. [...]

What is the use of Progynova in IVF?

Progynova is a medication that contains estradiol valerate as its active component. Essentially, Progynova refers [...]

What happens during reciprocal IVF?

As the field of reproductive medicine and fertility options continue to advance, having a child [...]

What does Pupo mean in IVF?

If you have ever read infertility support group comments or reviewed your fertility consultation test [...]

What do Pessaries do in IVF?

Progesterone supplementation is crucial for successful conception following fertility treatment, but the effectiveness of different [...]

How Long after IVF Does the Period Start?

The onset of menstruation is primarily influenced by the method of treatment utilized. For instance, [...]

How is OHSS treated in IVF?

OHSS causes the ovaries to become enlarged and can cause the blood vessels to leak [...]

How fertile are you after failed IVF?

It’s normal to experience sadness, despair, or even rage following a failed IVF. These feelings [...]

Can reflexology help with IVF?

More and more women are reporting that a commonly used foot massage technique has assisted [...]

Can an Orgasm cause miscarriage in the first trimester after IVF?

Pregnant women who want to know if sex will cause a miscarriage may be concerned [...]

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